Alain Huriez, Chairman of the Board

Alain is Chairman and Managing Partner of Advent France Biotechnology. Alain brings over 30 years of experience in the Life Sciences sector. Alain’s medical and biotechnological background, experience as an entrepreneur and a leading executive, expertise in clinical development and financing as well as his networks are keys to identifying early-stage biotechnology projects and to mentoring managers into building successful businesses.

Jean-François Rax, Member of the board

Jean-François Rax joined Capital Grand Est in April 2014 as Investment Manager for Cap Innov’Est, a €45M seed fund, where he carried out 14 investments in life sciences. Prior to joining Capital Grand Est and since 2008, Jean-François was an Associate at Inserm Transfert Initiative, a €40M seed fund dedicated to life sciences and human health. In addition, he was also the Head of the company creation department at Inserm Transfert where he actively helped and coached many researchers and entrepreneurs to define their business model and to refine their strategy. Owing to his previous experiences, he has also a solid background in technology transfer, licensing and marketing strategy. Jean-François is a graduate in engineering from INSA (Lyon).

Denis Zeyer, NovAliX CEO

Member of the Board

Denis Zeyer is CEO of NovAliX since 2009. He holds a PhD. in biological NMR and protein crystallography from the University of Strasbourg, France. After working extensively in the field of nuclear hormone receptors, he joined AliX Pharma, a spin-off from the University of Strasbourg focused in biophysical technologies services, for establishing the structural biology platform and leading the group. He was appointed CEO of the company in 2008. After the merger with Novalyst Discovery, a chemistry company, he was appointed CEO of NovAliX.

Jean-Paul Renaud, President & CSO, cofounder

Jean-Paul Renaud created the company in October 2015. He was previously CSO Science & Technology at NovAliX, an innovative drug discovery CRO (2009-2014) ; President & CEO-CSO of AliX (2002-2008), another spinoff company from IGBMC he created in 2002 (AliX’ merger with Novalyst Discovery gave birth to NovAliX in 2009) ; CNRS Research Director at IGBMC (2000-2002) ; CNRS Research Associate at IGBMC (1993-2000). He was a post-doc at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK (1987-1988). He obtained his PhD in Organic Chemistry from University Pierre & Marie Curie (Paris 6) in 1986 and an Engineering Diploma from the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris (now Chimie ParisTech) in 1982. Jean-Paul Renaud was twice laureate of the french iLAB Contest (Concours national d’aide à la création d’entreprises de technologie innovantes) in the Creation – Development category : in 2002 for AliX and in 2017 for Urania Therapeutics, formerly called RiboStruct.