About us

Urania Therapeutics (formerly RiboStruct) was created end of 2015 as a spinoff of IGBMC to leverage the expertise of Marat Yusupov & Gulnara Yusupova in the field of ribosome crystallography to develop new drugs.

Urania is developing readthrough compounds targeting the human ribosome following a structure-based drug design approach for the treatment of genetic diseases and some cancers caused by nonsense mutations.
Urania was granted by SATT Conectus an exclusive licence on the know-how developed in the Yusupov Lab.




In collaboration with the Yusupov lab at IGBMC, Urania publishes today an article in Nature entitled "Accuracy mechanism of eukaryotic ribosome translocation" describing the 3.2-Å-resolution X-ray structure of the eukaryotic 80S ribosome in a translocation-intermediate state containing mRNA, the elongation factor eEF2 and tRNAs. The model demonstrates how the decoding centre releases a codon–anticodon duplex, allowing its movement on the ribosome. This experimental structure suggests how the 80S ribosome, eEF2 and tRNAs undergo large-scale molecular reorganizations to ensure maintenance of the mRNA reading frame during the complex process of translocation.

This article demonstrates Urania's scientists' capacity to solve high-resolution structures of eukaryotic ribosome complex, to understand at the molecular level the mechanism of the eukaryotic ribosome and to make use of this knowledge to design using a structure-based approach new drug candidates modulating the human ribosome.

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