Main publications of Marat Yusupov and Gulnara Yusupova on eukaryotic ribosome structural studies
Understanding the role of intermolecular interactions between lissoclimides and the eukaryotic ribosome Pellegrino S, Meyer M, Könst ZA, Holm M, Voora VK, Kashinskaya D, Zanette C, Mobley DL, Yusupova G, Vanderwal CD, Blanchard SC, Yusupov M Nucleic Acids Research (2019) 47: 3223-3232
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The Amaryllidaceae Alkaloid Haemanthamine Binds the Eukaryotic Ribosome to Repress Cancer Cell Growth Pellegrino S, Meyer M, Zorbas C, Bouchta SA, Saraf K, Pelly SC, Yusupova G, Evidente A, Mathieu V, Kornienko A, Lafontaine DLJ, Yusupov M
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Synthesis facilitates an understanding of the structural basis for translation inhibition by the lissoclimides Könst ZA, Szklarski AR, Pellegrino S, Michalak SE, Meyer M, Zanette C, Cencic R, Nam S, Voora VK, Horne DA, Pelletier J, Mobley DL, Yusupova G, Yusupov M, Vanderwal CD
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Crystal Structure of Hypusine-Containing Translation Factor eIF5A Bound to a Rotated Eukaryotic Ribosome
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